OuOur mission is to “To unite Ghanaian Baptist churches in North America to plant churches in North America and beyond; to provide a forum for worship, fellowship, and deliberations on the work of the Association.”


Our vision is that “This Association seeks to plant and grow cooperative, Christ-centered, mission-minded churches in North America and beyond.”


Our core values are stated among other things that:
1. The Bible [shall be] our basis for faith and practice.
2. Our desire is to be obedient to Christ in every action that we take as an Association, and we come to that obedience through prayer. . . .
3. We will have a passion for evangelism and ministry. . . .
4. We will seek to plant healthy churches and continue to strengthen existing churches.
5. We will have a heart of servitude in our interactions with one another and will actively seek a myriad of ways to cooperate and unite with the collective vision of executing and accomplishing the ministry goals of our Association.
6. Even though we are independent, autonomous churches, we will choose to see ourselves as partners so that our collective gifts and strengths can be used in the service of Christ in ministry to North America, Ghana, and beyond.
7. Whatever venture that we undertake, we must execute with a Spirit of Excellence.
8. We will exert ourselves to the maximum to plan, present and implement our goals to the best of our ability. . . .
9. We will be innovative in our thinking and in our methodology while being consistent with the central message of Scripture.
10. We will constantly look for ways to do things better and more efficiently, and be good stewards of our resources.”

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